• Jie Li

    Jie Li

  • Pedro Silvestre

    Pedro Silvestre

    Problem solver by nature, currently building a sustainable Social ecosystem where Businesses, NGOs and Citizens stand side by side to Spread Prosperity.

  • Kevin Goldsmith

    Kevin Goldsmith

    CTO @ Anaconda. Former CTO at Onfido and Avvo, VP of Engineering at Spotify, Director at Adobe, and Lead at Microsoft. Photographer, Musician, and Dad.

  • Binbin Hu

    Binbin Hu

  • Robyn Bald

    Robyn Bald

  • Mikhael Koul

    Mikhael Koul

  • Sean Olson

    Sean Olson

  • Michael Murray

    Michael Murray

    dad/husband, software engineer, bicyclist, erstwhile musician (https://t.co/7N98mJZiqr)

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